To ensure the security of our customers’ data whether we are performing repairs or replacements to data storage devices. The following procedures cover how National Electronics Recycling, Inc. ensures the destruction of all customers’ data and to show how this is maintained and logged at all stages.

Legal Requirement and Penalties
This Data Destruction Policy is intended to ensure the compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing the retention and destruction of its records. Federal and state laws and regulations require a company to maintain certain types of records for particular periods. Failure to maintain such records may subject the company and/or individuals to penalties and fines.

All data and hardware destruction is performed in accordance with R2, EPA, HIPPA standards, as well as Federal, State and County regulations, and to ensure no data remains on computer hard drives and removable media that’s processed by National Electronics Recycling, Inc.

​All hard drives and media are treated as “Secure and Sensitive Data” as standard. No Data is ever read. Records, documents, email and correspondence of every sort must be managed according. All data is electronically removed and the drive itself is physically destroyed, shredded and disposed of by National Electronics Recycling so that the physical drive can never be used again.

Methods Used for Hard Drive Sanitization and Data Removal
Overwriting is the process of replacing data with meaningless information (data) in order that meaningful data cannot be recovered from a hard drive. Only Certified DES/DOD endorsed overwriting software is used (the standard of the US Department of Defense, US Air Force and the NATO), certified for completely and thoroughly sanitizing any hard drive device to the following standards; DoD 5200.28, DoD 5220.22-M, NCSC-TG-025, AFSSI 5020, OPNAV 5510 and AR-380-19.