Advances in technology for all electronic equipment, particularly cell phones, soon renders them obsolete.  There are many good reasons to recycle computers various other electronic devices, instead of sending them to landfills. Consumer electronic products are characterized by rapidly evolving technology and a relatively short product life.

Conserves natural resources – In some cases, material can be recovered from old electronics and these materials can be used to make new products.

Support the community – National Electronics Recycling will assess the value of the equipment and depending on the items and the company’s request, donate your old electronics to support schools, low-income families, and non-profit agencies. Individuals are helped by being able to access technology that they could not otherwise afford.

Consumer electronics may be responsible for 40% of the lead found in landfills. Lead can cause damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems, blood systems, and kidneys in humans; it has also been shown to have negative effects on the development of children's brains. Given the sheer volume of obsolete electronics and the hazardous materials they may contain, consumers and manufacturers are encouraged to safely and properly recycle their retired or used IT assets and electronics. Safely recycling electronics helps keep substances like lead and mercury from harming people and the environment.

Nearly 4 million tons of used electronics, including computers and televisions, are discarded each year. An estimated 128 million cell phones are retired from use annually.​